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When you hear about Bayonne, you may not consider it a gastronomic destination; in fact, many of you may not even be looking for the adventure of what's next on Staten Island. New York is home to some of the best restaurants in New Jersey and perhaps even the country.

Pompeii is a great, casual place to walk and get a piece, and if you can't find it, follow the aroma down the street. Pizza is one of Bayonnne's greatest aspirations for fame, with plenty of great places to enjoy slices and pies, but fine diners need not apply.

The Turkish breakfast - until - lunch is very small, so make sure you arrive early and are ready to wait. The House - Sangria with a sense of the theme is also a great menu item not to be missed, and the creative spinach sets a classic on the classic with freshly squeezed orange juice. Don't miss this place for the good food, great atmosphere, good food and great service.

History was made as the first New Jerseyans to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at the iLine facility in Newark. To read all the Bayonne things, subscribe to our email newsletter to be the first to read them. For the latest news, updates and more, please click here for iOS or Android, or follow us on Facebook.

The Problem Solvers Caucus, chaired by Rep. Gottheimer, has backed a new campaign by the New Jersey Democratic Socialists of America to break gridlock. The NJDSC calls on all GOP gubernatorial candidates to recognize the failure of the state's Electoral College to keep its promise to give them all the state's votes. Representatives Peters and Stanfield have launched an email campaign in support of Gov. Chris Christie's re-election bid. What is happening in the Bayonne area as the New Jersey Department of Transportation launches a $14.6 million project to prevent rocks from falling off the road?

Senator Pennacchio criticized Governor Murphy's comments, which targeted young residents who could kill their parents under age 19 for negligence. Young people don't kill the parents of young people, so it might be time for the governor to look in the mirror, "PennACchio said. Murphy avoided facing the crowd this time, but it would be so easy for him to chase them.

He has been criticised for allowing guests to sit at the bar, twice exceeding occupancy limits and failing to enforce social distance and facial protection - which covers the requirements. C stated that guests were allowed to sit at a bar and exceed the occupancy limit, but did not enforce the facial covering requirement. Call to allow, permit or permit a patron to sit in one of the bars on one or more occasions on the same day, in violation of the state and / or New Jersey laws.

According to, the Supreme Court has ruled that religious leaders can challenge Governor Murphy's COVID-19 restrictions. The Thomas More Society welcomed the ruling and Garden State Equality's decision to seek a name change after the old and new names were published in newspapers.

The future president of the New York National Bank, Dennis Bone, welcomed the Supreme Court's decision and the passage of the law in the New Jersey Senate. The law, recently passed by the House of Representatives, prohibits the use of religious symbols in public places of worship such as schools, hospitals, churches and religious schools. The bill is on a list for tomorrow's vote in the Senate and National Assembly.

The bill, which was recently approved by a Senate committee and prevents police officers from facing demotion or discipline if they do not arrest more people or issue more tickets, was not put to a vote in the Senate session Thursday. GOP Rep. Van Drew has criticized the 126 Republican members of the House, including his support for President Trump's election challenge, for sitting on the fence after his defeat, calling it an "absurd notion," according to SaveJersey. Former Governor Whitman said of the GOP after President Trump's defeat: 'The Republican Party really isn't in a working sense.

Lauren is originally from Nutley, New Jersey, but Bayonne has been her hometown for the past five years, where she is always seen eating, drinking and eating. She visits Jersey City for its restaurants and entertainment scene, as well as for its shopping and restaurant scene (where I worked for four years), and although she now works in New York City, she still goes to where her parents live (and then some) to fix her "Jersey City." She holds a bachelor's degree in international relations from the University of New Jersey and a master's degree in public policy from Rutgers University. She is constantly running out of space for books to read or write.

I've been exploring the current location for a while, she said, noting that it didn't seem to fit the area.

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More About Bayonne