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Many families and young professionals have chosen to live in Bayonne, and this is one of the reasons why so many call it their home. With many public transportation options, including the New Jersey Transit System, the Staten Island Ferry and the Port Authority Bus Rapid Transit, Bayonne residents can get to NYC by boat, train, bus, subway or even car.

Bayonne is surrounded by water on three sides and offers you a beautiful view of the water during your stay. In your six-storey building you have plenty of space to enjoy. re just one block from the light rail, you can easily access transit to downtown and even New York City with the Port Authority Bus Rapid Transit and the Staten Island Ferry. For those of you who are looking for a dog-friendly neighborhood with a good number of dog parks and can spend some time with your puppy outside, you should check out the various dog parks in the neighborhood.

It offers the best of both worlds, a peaceful community separated from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Broadway Avenue is located in the center of the city and serves as the main shopping and dining area of the city. This 3.5 km long commercial strip on Broadway is lined with restaurants, bars, shops, hotels, restaurants and other shops. If you want to spend the day shopping, you have access to a variety of shops and restaurants in Bayonne as well as a large number of shopping centers.

It is easy to see why the housing market has exploded in recent years, as demand for housing increases while people flock to Bayonne.

Bayonne is another city that recognises the benefits of investing in art to promote the community. Whether you like art or not, the Bayonne Community Museum is a shining example of a great place to put an art exhibition or exhibition. The Bayonyne Public Library is another great place to indulge in a wealth of books and digital offerings.

Rachel Handler is currently director of the Bayonne Community Museum and a member of the Board of Directors.

Michele wants to build on the success of the Bayonne Community Museum and the Jersey City Artists Studio Tour. Charles was also involved in the founding of LIV Design Co., an art organization he co-founded and now renames "Jersey City artists' studio tour." Michele's husband Charles, founder and CEO, is in love with Jersey City and was a board member of the New Jersey Arts Council and a board member. Liv Design & Co. want to help the community thrive and support local artists in all their efforts.

We met Michele and Charles to delve into their new book and indulge in all forms of art and craftsmanship. Explore everything Concrete Jungle has to offer, from the history of the Bayonne Community Museum and Jersey City Artists Studio Tour to the art world and more.

Ms. Tuchman points to the store Smithson photographed, the corner building where his father once ran a bakery, and the food court that is now a food court, a McDonald's that replaced the Golden Coach diner where he had lunch. He had a good view of New York, but his grave blocked the building, "she says, pointing to a bulbous brown office building across the street. The direct view from the tomb is blocked by the office buildings and A few other buildings across the street. You can still hear the cars rushing by on the nearby motorways and get a view of Bayonne and the surrounding Jersey and the city skyline.

These particular statues in Bayonne are extremely realistic and often make people do - take - twice as much, but they represent and reflect the people of the community. In Bayonne you will also find painted objects that enhance the liveliness of this avenue. The utility box now shows a woman surrounded by sunflowers and a girl with a huge ice cream scoop, as well as various designs symbolizing love. They blend in with Bayonne's charm and the statues represent people and communities.

In 2018, Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the city of Bayonne has begun erecting 10 statues along Broadway. Along the main thoroughfare and shopping streets of the city there are now 12 statues not to be missed. In recent years, several painted objects have been erected with the aim of spreading diversity and joy in the city of Bayonne. The Kunsthaus paved the way for diversity, where people with disabilities were classified as "D" and people without disabilities as "B."

The walk to Hillside Cemetery takes about 20 minutes, houses line the street and Smithson's bus speeds past in Passaic in 1967. You pass the tall golden reeds of the Meadowlands, which can be seen in a film called "The Swamp," shot by Smithton and Holt before the Giants moved in. Dennis P. Collins Park offers a beautiful view of Bayonnes waterfront and the Hudson River in the background. The World Trade Center is about six miles away, and tranches of new, handsome townhouses stand above the water.

More About Bayonne

More About Bayonne