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Amazon will open a new delivery station in Bayonne, at 105 Avenue A, later this year. Company officials say Amazon's last mile will be the delivery of the company's first delivery service in Hudson County, which speeds up delivery to customers in Hudson County.

The station will create hundreds of full and part-time jobs that cost at least $15.75 an hour and offer a variety of benefits and packages from day one. FULL - TIME Entry level positions are available for entry level positions in Bayonne, Hudson County and New Jersey. We are looking for people who are interested in getting their first job. This is a FULL TIME position, so we are looking for a foot in the door for your first professional job!

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Please note: The information below is for information purposes only; for official information, please contact your school district directly. Any questions about your background, background check, written test results or other information should be directed to the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. When you get a job at the NJCSC, you will be contacted by the superintendent's office, who will schedule an interview and initiate a background investigation.

Candidates who pass a background check or other psychological or medical examination before being offered employment must pass a psychological examination or medical examination at a previous appointment. If you agree to such an examination or examination, you must request the examining physician to disclose the examination results to the company, which must be kept confidential and in a separate personnel file.

You confirm that the facts contained in your application and the associated CV are true, complete and to the best of your knowledge and belief. They authorize the Company to thoroughly investigate the statements or CVs contained in the application and authorize it to investigate claims, claims or liabilities arising out of or in connection with such investigation or disclosure. In addition, you disclaim all claims, demands or liabilities arising out of or in connection with such investigations or disclosures. Your former employer or reference partner is entitled to disclose information about your previous employment and your character in general to your company without prior notice.

You understand and agree that nothing in your application or what is placed during the interview serves to create an employment contract. You further agree and understand that, if you are hired, your employment will be on a will or for a limited period and you or your former employer or reference partner may terminate it at any time without notice. The Company reserves the right to revise its policies and procedures, whether in whole or in part, and you make no promises or warranties regarding employment, nor do you understand any such commitment or warranty that is binding on the Company unless it is made in writing.

Under certain circumstances, the Bayonne Police Department may use the intergovernmental transfer program to hire new officers. If you are interested in challenges and opportunities in the area of diversity, we invite you to apply to participate in our Police Officer Recruitment and Training Program (PPTP).

During the academic part of the academy, recruits must learn the laws of the state of New Jersey. Instructors - guided training prepares students for a wide range of physical, mental and mental abilities, as well as a wide range of mental and physical abilities. Physical training can include physical exercises such as running, jumping, climbing, swimming or jumping. These skills are used to strengthen the muscles of the body and then move on to more complicated techniques.

Must have Remote on site now at a later date and return home daily, or have a Remote on site at a later date to return to your home.

Training does not require prior knowledge, but only to ensure that you are treated quickly and efficiently. Previous knowledge of computer programming or computer systems is not required, provided that they are trained.

If you meet the qualification requirements, you can apply and submit. Once the application has been made, the NJCSC will inform you when and where you will take the exam. If you pass this exam, you will be placed in the top 10% of candidates, where your ranking is based on your test score.

Please understand that filling out this form does not mean that a job is open or that the company is obliged to hire you. Click here for a full list of jobs advertised on the Bayonne New Jersey jobs website and the NJCSC website.

When you are hired by the company, you must provide proof of your identity and employment entitlement and provide documents confirming it. Please understand that your employment or continuation of employment, as far as legally permitted, will not take place for more than one year from the date of your last employment and not for more than two years after that. When you are hired, the terms of employment are all subject to the company's drug and alcohol policies, which you must comply with at all times, whether or not you have been tested. Value City Furniture may require a medical examination depending on your work commitments and you agree to undergo this examination before you start work. During your employment, you also agree that you may undergo medical examinations at any time, provided that our company considers this appropriate, as permitted by law. However, please understand that this is an employment or "continued employment," to whatever extent the law permits.